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Here are few stories about the hazardous materials you may find in and around your home. Take a minute to read how home and business owners like you are educating themselves as to the harmful effects of mould, asbestos and lead paint. Stay in the know and protect what is yours!

Asbestos Removal: The Importance of Proper Clean-up

by Green Demo ∙ Dec 16th, 2015


We know how difficult and stressful it can be to come across asbestos during a renovation or demolition project. The problem only becomes worse when irresponsible parties neglect to safely handle and dispose of hazardous materials. ?Often times people will opt to “fly tip” - illegally dump - asbestos containing drywall, and other materials. Improper disposal of these hazardous materials proves problematic for the environment and puts people at risk of serious health problems.

An Increase in "Fly-Tipping"

The New West Gypsum Recycling Centre was temporarily shut down by WorkSafeBC in December 2015 while stricter regulations were implemented to ensure all drywall coming into the recycling facility is free of asbestos. In recent months there has been an increase in irresponsible homeowners and contractors deciding to forgo paying for safe removal of hazardous wastes, and instead choosing to dump illegally.

In early December Green Demo was called in to clean up illegally dumped asbestos containing drywall in Surrey. Adhering to WorkSafeBC regulations for the safety of both our employees and the public, Green Demo successfully cleared the hazardous materials and disposed of as per Ministry of Environment regulations. Our team is dedicated to the proper removal and disposal of asbestos.

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Green Demo provides homeowners and businesses with cost-effective options for removing hazardous waste, such as asbestos, lead paint, and mould, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We offer 24-hour emergency clean up services in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

We all benefit from properly removing and disposing of hazardous materials. If you’re unsure of how to properly dispose of materials in your home or workplace, Green Demo is happy to offer free advice.

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If you need assistance dealing with asbestos removal in the Greater Vancouver Area, the experts at Green Demo can help.

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